• “Myrmex, you don’t know—no words can tell100 how pretty she is.... It’s a little more than a month since I first saw her. She was returning home from the temple of Demeter, accompanied by her mother and several slaves. The wind raised her veil and revealed a face which, crimsoned with blushes at the notice she was attracting, was the loveliest I had ever seen. The young girl was tall and wore a snow-white robe with a broad violet-blue border; her shining black hair was drawn high above her neck, and over her veil a gold clasp ornamented with a large blue stone glittered on her brow. Her silver-wrought sandal-straps fitted her small feet so trimly, that even men usually blind to the secrets of beauty uttered a murmur of admiration. Whenever the breeze tightened her garments, making her movements more visible, her bearing showed a reserve and modesty impossible to describe in words and, as she passed, I seemed to feel an atmosphere of freshness mingled with the faint fragrance of some costly ointment.... Never has any woman so bewitched me! At night I dreamed of her dazzlingly white neck and soft black hair—heavenly powers, how pretty she is! But you don’t understand me, Myrmex; I might as well confide in the trees and stones by the wayside.... All the young men she met turned—no one was content with merely seeing her pass. Here, where the girls spend their days in the narrow limits of the women’s apartment, it isn’t three times in a man’s life that he meets such a maiden on the highway.hotter;
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  • Women have quick eyes. Melitta, with a single glance, received an impression of his whole person. The tall, grave, bearded man seemed to her to resemble her father—the only free citizen whom in her monotonous life in the women’s apartments she had had an opportunity to notice. She let the child go in first, and turned her head again. Melitta was very fond of her father. She wanted to see whether she had been right—whether the man in the next garden resembled him.containing[Pg
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    Parkeren Eindhoven Airport: Helemaal top!

    Als oud speler ga ik met de Europese uittrips mee als gastheer van de sponsoren en businessclubleden van PSV. We vertrekken vanaf Eindhoven Airport en ik parkeer altijd bij EazzyPark. Absolute aanrader! Snelle service, aardige mensen en heel dichtbij. Helemaal top. (Andre Ooijer)


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    • Op 60 meter loopafstand van vertrekhal
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    Goedkoop parkeren bij vliegveld Eindhoven Airport!

    "Why are you holding that other person like that?" he asked.Parkeer zorgeloos en goedkoopbij EazzyPark op slechts 60 meter van de vertrekhal. En van onze chauffeurs neemt uw auto aan en helpt u met uw koffers. U steekt de straat over en staat binnen 3 minuten in de vertrekhal van Eindhoven Airport. U gaat zorgeloos op reis terwijl wij uw auto veilig parkeren. Bij terugkomst vangen wij u op het afgesproken tijdstip weer op en brengt onze Shuttle service u naar uw auto.

    We go together then, he said, but there was no conviction in his voice. It was but a despairing, drowning cry. 

    "But it is time we were getting ready for a start for Tokio, and so we'll suspend our discussion of Japanese political history. It's a dry subject, and I hesitate to talk to you about it lest I may weary you."Valet Service Tip:Nog sneller naar huis of naar uw volgende bestemming? Met onze Valet Service staatbij terugkomst uw auto op het afgesproken tijdstip voor u klaar bij Eazzypark en rijdt u nog sneller weg.


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